Flat-Pack Mobile Habitat Manual


Flat-Pack Mobile Habitat is a proposal designed to address the current climate of food and energy production. The lightweight aluminium framework hold rows of seasonal fruit and vegetable crops. From seed, the plants are grow in a lightweight mixture of Vermiculite, Perlite and soil. This mixture is rich enough to support life, however light enough for the transportation of the habitat. The crops are the primary source of food, able to sustain that inhabitant endlessly if maintained, harvested and re-sowed. Rainwater is caught by an elevated tank and purified through a charcoal filtration system, feeding both the crops and the inhabitant. The mobile habitat houses numerous potato crops, which produce potatoes to power the lighting when connected. The inside compartment of the habitat, is used for both sleeping and storage for when the habitant is in transit.

This proposal seeks to shine a light on mass production of food and consumables, and monopolising energy corporations. The aim being, localising food and energy production and reintroducing it back into the community will produce more self-sustaining living environments. It is both forward thinking, and a large step backward.